Valco Baby Mini Runabout Doll Stroller - Denim

Valco Baby

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Endless fun for busy boys and girls. This sporty pram was built for speed and carrying toys.

This Valco Mini Runabout Doll Stroller will bring so much joy to your child as he or she can pretend to be just like Mum and Dad and stroll along with Doll's in this beautiful pram. 

The Valco Baby Mini Runabout Doll Stroller is made to look and feel just like the real thing and will stand the test of time providing many hours of fun play and discovery.  It is a high quality and sturdy doll pram made by Valco Australia with the same care and precision as their Valco baby range.  This ensures they are easy to use and tough enough for the way kids play today and beyond.

Recommended Age: 3+

Features --
Front swivel wheel
Folds like a real pram
Removable fabric
Great for role playing
Collapsible hood

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