Snug & Secure Outdoor Baby Toddler Swing Stand Set for Age 1.5 to 3yrs Old

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Brand new outdoor baby swing set, ideal for babies that cannot use the large swing set, suitable for age 1.5-3 years old. Built-in seat safety harness for extra security. It is a great outdoor toy for growing baby.

Product Features --
Brand new in box & ready to ship
With 2 Pcs Height Adjustable PP Ropes (224CM)
Folding PE back seat for easy storage
Safety harness in seat to prevent child falling out
Age Suitability: 18-36 months

Product Specifications --
Powder Coated Steel:
Top Bar & Top Leg & Bottom Leg: 25.4cm X 1.0mm
Side Bar: 15.9cm X 0.9mm
Assembled dimension: 95 (L) X 100 (W) X 110 (H) cm

Shipping Weight: 7.0 kg