Schleich - Showjumping Tournament with Knabstrupper 41434


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At a showjumping tournament, it’s not just about riding flawlessly: you also need to get to the finishing line quickest in order to win. Then you can adorn your horse with the victory wreath. The Knabstrupper mare makes the high jumps look effortless - she doesn’t knock off a single pole. Even by itself, that would be a remarkable achievement by the horse and the rider, but they have also completed the course in breathtaking time. They are faster than all the rest. The rider receives a golden trophy as a prize for the flawless ride. The rider is proud of his mare and pats her gratefully on the neck. After he has put her halter and blanket on in the stall, she gets fresh carrots as a reward.

Set contains: 1 x Knabstrupper mare, 1 x rider, 1 x saddle, 1 x reins + bridle, 1 x blanket, 1 x halter, 1 x trophy, 1 x medal, 1 x carrot, 1 x rosette, red, 1 x rosette, yellow

Ages: 3+

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