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The giant volcano is erupting! A channel of hot lava is flowing into the valley, threatening to submerge the plants and animals. In addition to the huge volcano with numerous functions, the set contains a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus and lots of accessories.

- Press the mysterious skull to release the stalactites and block the entrance!
- Detachable pools of water with a secret hiding place for small water creatures!
- Press on the large stone to create an explosion!
- Press the mysterious skull to release the stalac

Pack Contains:
1 x Volcano
1 x T-Rex
1 x Stegosaurus
1 x Stegosaurus Skeleton (8 pcs)
1 x Frog
1 x Ammonite
1 x Fish
2 x Plants

Size (approx): 63 x 38 x 58 cm

Ages: 5-12

Shipping Weight: 7.0 kg