Sands Alive! Giant Playset

Sands Alive!

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Introducing the most amazing unique learning and play material to enter the market in years: Living Sand. Consisting of sand and other natural ingredients, the only way to describe the feeling of this material is sublime. The sensation is somewhat similar to cookie dough, yet it is totally dry to the touch. Mold it into hard durable shapes and with a soft touch, it will break apart and appear to move. Almost as if it were alive. 100% non-toxic and anti-bacterial, Living Sands won't stain and easily removes from you hands.

Product Features --
Made of all natural materials
Molds easily into any shapes
Easy clean up
Use again and again
Unique non-toxic formula prevent bactrrial growth
Recommanded for 3 years plus

Set Includes --
1.36kg of Sands Alive!
4 Deluxe castle shapes
1 Swirl scoop shape
6 Geometric shapes
Brick & pebble roller with interchangeable holder
1 Triangle paver tool
Sand play tray
Content colours may vary

Shipping Weight: 2.0 kg