Saddle Pals Horse Families Gift Set

Saddle Pals

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The horse families gift set is a great starter pack to introduce someone to the world of Saddle Pals, or even to beef up their existing collection and expand their Saddle Pals land.

The packaging turns into a barn with opening windows, so it is environmentally friendly and gives an instant play platform. Comes with a stallion, a mare, a foal, a Shetland stallion, a Shetland mare and a Shetland foal. Paddock fences with a closing gate, bales of hay, troughs that clips onto the fences, treats for the horses, bucket, pitchfork, shovel, broom and brush are also included to complete this magnificent set. Barn size is around 45 x 36 x 9 cm.

Product Features --
Box packaging turns into a barn with opening windows
4 Horses and 2 foals
Paddock fences with lockable gate and accessories
Brushable manes and tails
Realistic detailed

Shipping Weight: 1.5 kg