Saddle Pals Grooming Station with Water Pumping Feature Set

Saddle Pals

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When a horse needs cleaning at the Saddle Pals stables, they can go to the Grooming Station. It is fully equipped with everything you would need to keep your horses and foals clean and happy.

With a water pumping feature that really pumps water onto your horses, which makes sure no part of your lovely horses is left dirty. You can paddock fence up an area around the grooming station for your horses to dry themselves out in the open and prevents them from running away from the cleaning.

The set comes with a Paint horse, Grooming Station stable with roof, walls and water pump, 5 paddock fences, a lockable gate, a bucket, a sponge, grooming box for the spray bottle, hoof pick, comp, curry comb and when the Paint horse shows good manners while you are cleaning it, you can reward is with a carrot or apple treat. The set also includes 2 square bales of hay, a pitchfork, 2 troughs that hooks onto the fences and a sack. After you clean the horse you can then clean the stable with the broom and shovel that is also in the set.

The Paint horse is scaled 1:12, hand painted and sprayed.

The size of the grooming station is L 34 x W 26 x H 27 cm.

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