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In the land of Saddle Pals, there is a beautiful chestnut coloured Holstein stallion galloping through the fields. He is bred to win in every way. In beauty, in speed and in composure. A true gentleman who never lets a rider fall and always listens to their every wish. The Holstein stallion has a brushable mane and tail, so make sure you groom him with the brush provided and give him the apple treat he loves so much. Then saddle him up with the saddle blanket, saddle, bridle and rein and gallop through the country with the wind through your hair. The set comes with Holstein horse, saddle blanket, saddle, bridle with rein, brush and apple. This handsome chestnut is scaled 1:12, hand painted and sprayed.

Product Features --
Chestnut coloured Holstein horse
With apple and brush
Removable saddle and bridle with rein
Brushable mane and tail
Realistically detailed

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