Cocomotion Mia 18 Piece Tin Tea Set in Wicker Basket


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What little girl wouldn't love this adorable 18 piece Tea set. Perfect for pretend play teaches fine skills of sharing and ettiquette, while stimulating the imagination and creativity. Comes in it's own Wicker style basket for easy storage and transport

Package includes:
1 teapot with removable lid
4 cups
4 Saucers
4 plates
4 Spoons
1 wicker style plastic basket

This is a very cute petite little set.

Each cup measures 4.8cm in diameter across the top and is approximately 3cm deep, they hold about 50mls.
The teapot holds 1 cup of water
Wicker basket measures: 22cm w x 15cm H (to peak of basket)x 12cm D

Shipping Weight: 0.5 kg