Classic World Parking Garage Playset

Classic World

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This splendid set lets children experience the bustle of everyday life. Each four-level garage comes fully equipped with a gas pump, gates, ramps, elevator, and helipad. Use the itty-bitty vehicles to tell tales of traffic adventures; sturdy wood ensures this set withstands the test of time. Play-pretend toys incite the imagination, giving children a safe, secure environment to express their emotions and build a special world of their own.

This 4-level parking garage features:
Gas pump and landing pad on the top.
Busy drivers can come and go in every direction.
Encourages role play & imagination and helps develop fine motor skills.
Made from environmentally friendly plywood and medium density fiberboard (MDF) | all materials and colours are non-toxic and free of preservative chemicals

Assembled size: 63x37x30 cm

Age: 3+

Shipping Weight: 4.0 kg