BanBao Fire and Rescue Bundle Package


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You're in charge of the whole fire brigade of BanBao! You are supervising trained fire fighters to make sure the fires gets put out. Quick! There's a huge raging fire downtown that needs to be extinguished. Get in the fire truck and race to the location, save the people trapped in the buildings and take control of the fire with the water cannons. For rescue missions at sea the BanBao fire station uses the well-equipped Rescue Helicopter. It has a very large flying range, so for mission far out at sea this helicopter is indispensable. Once at the emergency location, a rescue worker will be lowered in a basket. He will help the people in and they'll be hoisted up into safety. Fly with us and help saving lives at sea!

Includes the following 4 sets:
Fire Station 8311 x1
Rescue HelicopterĀ 8315 x1
Fire Jeep 8316 x1
Fire Fighting 8129 x1

Product Features --
Brand new in box & ready to ship
Compatible with Lego & other major brands
Suitable for little fire crews from the age of 5

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