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During agility training, the ponies playfully familiarise themselves with a variety of obstacles. First, they are allowed to sniff them up and down. Then, the ponies are carefully led over, through and around them. For some obstacles, the ponies need to muster up a lot of courage. At such times it is important to be patient and lovingly encourage them. Fun fact: Agility training promotes the confidence and sure-footedness of ponies.

Obstacles can be designed and combined as you wish
Suitable for large and small Schleich® horses
Child figure has moveable arms and legs
The seesaw can be turned upside down for a bridge
Simplified bridle for small children 3 years and up

1 x Classic pony, 1 x Shetland pony, 1 x girl figure, 1 x riding helmet, 1 x bridle, 1 x lead rope, 1 x entrance gate, 8 x paddocks, 1 x seesaw, 4 x cone, 4 x tree trunk obstacles, 2 x pole, 2 x balloon, 1 x base plate, 1 x archway, 4 x pennant, 1 x crossbar, 5 x flutter curtain, & 1 x sticker sheet

Age Guide: 3 to 8 years

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